The Battle Against Dog Hair

29 04 2010

Those of you who know me might remember the couch saga right around the time I bought my house.

For some reason, I had it in my head that I wanted…no, needed…a dark brown couch that doubled as a pull out bed.  Sounds simple enough, right? I could. Not. Find. One.

I started looking way in advance of my move to the beach (I bought my house at the end of August and didn’t move here until the end of September – scheduling & work & travel reasons).  And finally, I found it. The perfect couch.

It was chocolate brown velvet.  Pulled out to a bed.  JC Penney.  On sale!  I was in love.  But it was too soon for moving. So I called them to see if I could delay delivery or come up with a new solution and still get the sale price.  And they were not helpful.  So that’s how my parents ended up with a pull out couch in their side entranceway and we ended up moving it with the rest of my stuff.  The end.

Ah, my couch

So anyway, I love this couch and it fits in with my decor perfectly (it helps that it was one of the first pieces I bought). 

But I have this dog.  Barney.

Barney Bee

He’s a basset hound, which means he’s the sweetest dog alive. He loves people, especially kids, and other dogs. He loves eating treats and laying in the sun. He loves me and cuddling.

He's a snuggler

But he sheds. And drools. He just can’t help himself.  And his favorite place in the world? My couch. Sigh.

He just loves the couch

I’ve tried a million different solutions. I tried vacuuming the couch – very time consuming (plus, I still have to wash the drool off each time – I know, I’m making you want to come right over and sit on my couch).  I tried using a sponge dedicated only to cleaning the couch with a scrub pad on one side – useful, but also time consuming. I tried that new Scotch pet hair remover thing – not bad, but after about one use, not that useful anymore.  I bought a special pet hair dustbuster – pretty good solution, but I’m still battling the drool.  Plus, though I fight hard to keep him clean, he’s bit on the smelly side too. I love the guy, but he’s a big, smelly, drool-y mess sometimes. 

There's just no stopping this.

So what to do? 

Yesterday, I spent two hours vacuuming the couch and each of its cushions, then scrubbing off the drool, sprinkling on carpet freshener (which apparently can be used on upholstery – who knew!?) and then vacuuming that off.  The couch looked and smelled great again.  For five minutes, until Barney reclaimed his seat.  Sigh.

Clean couch - for a minute.

I was at my wits’ end – now what?  My solution – a slipcover.

If you know me, you know I HATE slipcovers. It’s irrational, I know.  But they slide around, they never look that great, and I just think they’re yucky.  I know lots of people use them and love them, but I’ve never been a convert.  But my lovely couch was slowly being destroyed and since I am a dog person and will always have dogs, I decided my new plan was to get a slipcover for when it’s just me and “stinky” as I affectionately refer to my dog, and then I can always take it off and brush off the few hairs for when we have guests. 

With a slipcover. Sigh.

I headed to Target (yes, again) and found one in brown (not the nice shade of dark brown that I have, but kind of a milk chocolate one) that came in two pieces – so it looks a *little* bit less like a slipcover and more like a couch.  I put it on the couch and while I definitely don’t LOVE it, I’m happy to be protecting my couch and have something that I can just throw in the wash to clean instead of going through my usual rigamarole.  Maybe I’ll end up a slipcover convert after all…

I guess it's not the end of the world.

What are your feelings on slipcovers – yay or nay?



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