My Dining Chairs Finally Arrived!

5 05 2011

So the dining chairs I needed for Easter (yup, only eight days late) finally arrived!

The box was HUGE.

It wasn’t overly heavy, but it was awkward. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my very nice UPS man who delivered it (because he would have put it inside for me, like he always does with big or heavy packages). Instead, it was some company Target has doing their shipping now.

The same company that left the box sitting in Philadelphia for two days before just scanning it.  Awesome.

But anyway, I digress.

So the box arrived and I delayed opening it for a while. According to the website, a few people had had some trouble putting the chairs together – it was really time consuming, they all said.  Being sore still from the raised bed build, I really needed to find some motivation to open up the box and get started.  Around seven tonight, I finally found it, and opened the box.

I found….two assembled chairs!

Woo hoo!

So I hauled the chairs out of the box and put them around the table.  They’re a bit wider than I expected, but I think they look quite nice!

My dining room table is finally complete!

The chairs are a really nice, soft leather

So, what do you think?



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