Guess what arrived yesterday?

14 04 2010

So guess what arrived yesterday by UPS?

Any guesses?

How about now?

That’s right, my much anticipated “bloomerang” lilacs are here!


I first saw them in a magazine about a month ago, when I was really craving a little bit of spring.  I thought, how nice would it be to step out on my deck and smell lilacs?  No matter that I’m wildly allergic to the flowers and can’t keep them in the house without constantly sneezing. I just love them.

So I checked out White Flower Farm in Connecticut to learn more about the special variety mentioned in the magazine – bloomerangs.  The idea is that they bloom twice, and who wouldn’t love to have two lilac blooms a season?

I placed my order, and they let me know that they don’t ship them until it’s planting season, so I had to wait for my bit of spring to arrive.  Yesterday, they finally came in a big box, and it was very funny to get plants delivered that way! Normally, I’m picking them up at Lowes or a garden center. 

I’ve scheduled a few posts for the next week or so to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing, and I may mention in one of those my dilemma – plant them directly in the ground, or in pots? I’d talked to my neighbo about getting them (he and his girlfriend are avid orchid gardeners, among other plants), and he said that lilacs need full sun and don’t love water.  He said that they have theirs in big pots so that they can follow the sun with them and keep them happy.

They've got some growing to do!

I was still debating what to do, until the little pots arrived – because they are a LOT small than I expected them to be.  So if I were to plant them right in the ground, they would be open to a certain basset hound nibbling on them, as he is prone to do with my garden vegetation. So I’ve decided to go with pots, getting slightly larger ones so that they have room to grow. Sounds like a trip to Lowes is in order!

I can't wait for the first blooms!



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