Sealing Vents

25 01 2011

Shortly after moving in here, I learned that in the summer, you should seal your downstairs vents, to force the cooler air to go upstairs and in the winter, seal the upstairs vents to force the warmer air down.  The first time I did this, I used plastic wrap.  It worked well, but was a bit of a hassle to remember to remove the plastic wrap at the change of the seasons.

Recently, I found out that a company makes magnets that you can stick over the vents to cover them to achieve the same effect.  Bed Bath & Beyond carries them, so I ordered a package of three.

When they arrived, I was very excited!

They seemed pretty straightforward to use.

First, measure them against your vents to get the correct size

Then cut them to the correct size - I also notched out a piece for the open and close lever

Then, apply to the vent to cover it!

The magnets can also be painted to match your wall color if you’d like.  I’m happy to leave mine white, since the vents are white already.

It was a very easy process, and I’m mostly happy with the results – I say mostly because I’ve noticed that when the heater is on, the magnets don’t always stick in place.  The one in my office (shown above) does, but the one in my bedroom, not so much.  I have closed the levers so air isn’t escaping, but it’s still a bit of an issue.

Also, I needed to remember to close the vents before cutting the magnets to make sure that the notch was in the correct place. I didn’t do that to begin with, so that’s part of the issue in my bedroom – I need to fix the notch to make sure it can stick better.

But all in all, I think they’re a good solution.  They were about $15 for three, and I can use them year after year, so it ends up being more economical than using plastic wrap twice a year to seal various vents up.  And then  once I start using my air conditioning, I can move them to a few of the vents downstairs for the summer season!



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