Lowes: How Do I Love Thee?

27 01 2011

Whenever I’m working on a project, one of the first places I head is Lowes.  They always have what I need and even better than that, they have people I can talk to about my projects.

Let’s use last Saturday as an example.  I had a simple project that I wanted to accomplish – new door handles for my upstairs doors.  I planned to paint them on Sunday and thought it would be a good time to upgrade the gold doorknobs on each of the doors – it really dates them.

I spent some time picking out the handles I wanted, and looking a little overwhelmed by what I was carrying, a lovely Lowes employee offered me a nearby cart.  Huge help.

I then thought I might want to change out the hinges on the doors as well, since they’re also a brassy color.  I started to check out the hinges, when the same Lowes employee came over.

He asked me if I wanted to change out the hinges, and I said yes, and he recommended changing them out one at a time, while the door is still hung up by the other one. He said it would make things much easier.  He also explained that outside door hinges are four inches long, while inside door hinges are three and a half inches long.  Further, they have three types – square corners and corners with two different degrees of curvature.

I realized I’d have to check which ones I had at home, and he agreed that was the best solution.  So I had to head back there again to pick up the hinges once I’d identified the right ones at home.

What I really thought was great though was that he respected me.  He didn’t ask me if I had help on the project, he didn’t seem to think I couldn’t do it, he just advised me on the best way to handle it, and what hinges to use.

Every time I’ve had a project and had to chat with a Lowes employee about it, I’ve had the same experience.  So they’ll continue to get my business!



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