A Birthday Spotlight for my Mom

27 02 2011

You may remember last month that I did a birthday spotlight for one of my Homeownergirl Heroes, my dad.

Well, this month, it’s time to spotlight another of my handy Homeownergirl Heroes – my mom!

As I mentioned in my last spotlight, my parents always encouraged us to do and be whatever we wanted to – my dad worked long days when I was a young kid, so most of the house-related stuff fell to my mom.  I remember very clearly standing on couches and coffee tables, trying to catch a mouse with brie (the only cheese we happened to have in the house that night), dealing with snakes and chipmunks in the pool, and handling a small fire in the oven (we got to meet firemen that day!) – all without her falling to pieces or calling someone else to deal with it.

My mom decorated the house from top to bottom, and let us help decorate our own rooms when we were old enough, encouraging our individual creativity (and she didn’t stop me from making my bedroom walls AND carpet mint green).  She’s always loved to decorate – hunting for treasures in antique stores and fairs, flipping through magazines for inspiration, keeping records and swatches of the projects she’s worked on.

When I was a kid, I hated HATED going shopping for anything house-related.  It gave me a headache.  I vividly remember the day we went to buy a butcher block for the kitchen.  It felt like it took FOREVER.

And I particularly detested looking at houses (the running joke in my family is that my mom will always see the beautiful house in the movie when the rest of us are focusing on storyline).

But her love for decorating and houses has definitely rubbed off on me, and inspired me to create my own haven at home.  She’s always created a warm, beautiful home wherever she’s lived – one that I always want to come back to.  And somehow, I’ve developed a love for shopping for home furnishings and looking at houses – it must be genetic! I just needed to grow into it.

My mom supported me faux finishing the walls in my bedroom at their house before I moved out – even though I had no experience.  She’s always been incredibly complimentary of the changes I’ve made in my own home, and asks my opinion now on the changes she makes in hers, something that is incredibly touching and flattering.

I’ve been so lucky to have been blessed with such great parents – people that I can not only rely on as my mom and dad, but call friends as well.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!




2 responses

27 02 2011
The Mom

Love you too!!! Made me cry!

27 02 2011
Nancy Myrland

Lindsay, this is so, so sweet. Devoting a post to each of your parents is very touching. They deserve our loyalty and adoration, so it’s fun to see you honor them here on your blog. I can tell that I would really like your parents. I’ve experienced the pleasure of talking to your Dad live, but look forward to doing so with your Mom too. Happy Birthday to her!

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