A Closet Makeover

18 08 2011

I’ve mentioned before that I’m embarrassed by my clutter.  I don’t have a lot of it, but sometimes, things just build up and it gets out of control.

My guest room closet was a good example – I am so glad I really cleaned out that closet and then it was ready for painting and loveliness.

One of the other things that was really bugging me was the linen closet in the hallway.  It had started to become a catchall for things I was giving to goodwill, painting supplies, all kinds of travel toiletries and more.   It was out of control.

The "Before"

I had picked up paint for this closet, as well as the closets in my bedroom and office, and since I tweaked my back carrying the guest room’s closet doors downstairs a few weeks ago, I thought it best to settle for a low key project.  This was low-key considering all the heavier stuff I’ve done lately, but it definitely didn’t help my back!

My first job was obviously to empty the closet out and sort through everything.

The way that these closets were all made, the shelves just pop right out.  That really makes a huge difference when you’re talking about a tiny closet!

Once I’d gotten the shelves out, I realized how yucky this closet was – I’d put contact paper on each of the shelves when I moved in because they were just gross! So I was really glad to paint over them!   I also saw another spot where the builders cut corners – I see them all the time – they had neglected to finish painting the inside of the closet, and part of it was just primed.  Not a problem, just one more thing overlooked – it makes you wonder about the hidden things that were “overlooked” that might be a bigger fix!

I painted two coats of the grey in the closet, which was a bit darker than I’d expected.  That’s okay, it was just a surprise:

All done!

In the meantime, I’d set up some drop cloths in the bathroom so that I could paint the shelves out of the way.

As they dried, I put clear contact paper over the top of each shelf – I wanted to have a very smooth surface for the items in the closet to slide off of – particularly any towels or extra sheet sets.   Then, I put them back into the closet one by one.

First the top shelf

I’d managed to clear out some space in the downstairs bathroom the night before, so I put the majority of the paper towels down there (that’s where I use them after all).  So I was able to fit a few paper towel rolls, tissues and toilet paper on the top shelf – I’m a BJ’s shopper, so I need space for bulk items!

I got another two shelves in – on the second shelf, I put plastic boxes with extra toiletries, and my travel items, and on the third shelf, a basket with hair projects and my extra toilet cleaner (hey, it has to go somewhere!).

The last two shelves actually went together on the fourth set of bars – I could have put one of them on the bottom set of bars, but I like that this gives me one larger shelf.  On the third shelf, I added a bamboo container of q-tips and an air fresheners and on the bottom shelf I put towels and sheets, along with a basket of extra soap and body lotion.  The only thing that went into the bottom of the closet is the bamboo shelf I have for the bathtub.  Big difference, huh?

Of course, in between coats, I was lying on the ground to stretch my back out, and I noticed that the door to the attic REALLY needed painting.  Since I had the trim paint out already….

I know, I know, I should have just left it, but I’m a glutton for punishment.  I got it done, and it looks great:

Hard to tell because the hallway is ALWAYS dark and it was nighttime, but take my word for it, it looks good!

I do need to do something about this though:

Just think of all the skin cells on this baby...shudder

Fortunately, I know that you can clean that without having to replace it. I just have to find the tip online and I’ll be doing that!

Also while I was lying on the floor, I noticed how gross this looks:

I won’t even show you what it looks like when it’s open and on and you can see all the dust in there that I’ve been promising myself I’d clean since I moved here…three years ago. Ahem.

My dad mentioned to me a few weeks ago though that he would help me take it down at some point so that I could spray paint it.  I have that lovely metal spray paint already, but it makes more sense to do it in white to blend with the ceiling. So that’s what I’ll do.

And then there's this.

I think this is the only smoke alarm to be originally installed with the house since the smoke alarm downstairs and the carbon monoxide detector upstairs are both white and upgraded looking.  This just looks gross.  So I’ll be looking to do what I did with my doorbell and just replace the cover.

It’s so true, every time I finish one job, I find four more to put on the list. But I think I’d be bored if I ever finished with this place! Or I’d just move!



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