The Kitchen, A Before and After

30 01 2012

So for this paint job, I remembered to first take the before pictures!

This is another room that was painted brown, and actually, I’ve hated the color since the moment I first painted it.  As you know, my cabinets are decidedly 80’s, and when I painted the walls surrounding them a warmer brown (rather than the dreary dirty white that they were), it showed how horrible they actually are.  And then when I painted the wood parts of the cabinets black, it made it even worse.

I decided that I’d paint the walls grey instead (and coincidentally, my sister decided to paint her kitchen grey around the same time, though she finished the project before I started! I chose a darker grey, because I do love the dark colors and it came out very well – I will note that as I started painting, I realized it was fairly close to the blue/grey that the accent wall and back door are painted…awesome.  However, it did dry darker than that, so it ends up looking more like it’s along the same color family.

So here’s the before:


And here’s the after! I took these photos after dark last night, so it does look a bit darker than it does during the day, but you get the idea.


The cabinets still aren’t perfect, but I think the wall color brings the room together a bit more and makes it cohesive. And it was far easier to paint than the bathroom was! Although, I did stand up rather too quickly when painting behind the stove and smashed my head into the microwave there.  I’m fairly sure I have a mild concussion – even tonight I still feel a bit dizzy and nauseous, along with the requisite headache. I’m so graceful!

Clearing off the counters a bit and painting in the kitchen and the bathroom has really motivated me to work on my de-cluttering.  I need to force myself to do one small area each day, to keep the momentum going, and not overwhelm myself. I started with the cabinet in the downstairs bathroom – I should do one room at a time – and I may even get the motivation to re-work the baker’s rack, which is now in the dining room, so that I can use that more for crafts (which is what I’m turning the dining room into for the most part – a craft area!).  The to do list continues to get longer and longer…



2 responses

30 01 2012
Nancy Myrland (@NancyMyrland)

Love it….great character with that paint color Linds…nice job!

30 01 2012

Thanks Nancy! I really like how it came out – it feels much cleaner to me!

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