A New Ironing Board Cover

26 01 2011

Now, those who know me well know one thing – I hate to iron.  Generally, the one time I iron is when I’m traveling on business and my clothes need to be wrinkle free for professional reasons.  Don’t worry that I’m wandering around wearing wrinkled clothes – mostly my clothes stay unwrinkled because I hang them up right out of the dryer.

Although I rarely iron at home, I do own an ironing board.  I got it when I went to college, so I’ve had it about 12 years.  The ironing board is pretty good, but the cover is ugly and useless. Every time I iron, whenever I move the fabric of what I’m working on, it pulls the cover and creates a bump that wrinkles.

Since I don’t iron a lot, it wasn’t a priority for me to get a new cover.  But today, when I was at Michaels (one of my favorite stores on the planet), I saw a very pretty one.

Actually, there were two, a pink one, and a light blue and brown one.  Obviously, the light blue and brown one matches better with my living room (where I generally iron).  But although I rarely like anything pink, I just really liked the pink one.

So I treated myself.

Who could resist this?

It looks great on the ironing board and is well-cushioned!

Maybe I’ll even start ironing more regularly!  I just have to upgrade my iron (which I’ve also had about 12 years!).


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