New Bathroom Light

30 12 2010

I hope everyone had a very nice holiday!

As I mentioned in early 2010, there were three projects I wanted to get done this year:

1) Accent wall in the living room.

2) Replacing the light fixture in my downstairs bathroom.

3) Adding a sideboard in my dining room.

And I actually managed to get all of those things done!  Most recently was the bathroom light.  My parents replaced the light in their bathroom with a slightly less modern one, so they gave me theirs.  I was assisting my dad with putting up the light in my bathroom, so I didn’t take any photos of it, but I thought you might like to see what it looks like now.

Definitely an improvement!

Putting up a new light meant there was a hole left from the old fixture – this fixture was a little bit wider, so we had to move it slightly off center so it didn’t hit the wall.  Fortunately, I had some paint leftover from painting the bathroom.  So I put up a patch (found easily at Lowes), covered it with drywall compound, sanded it and painted it.

Now the bathroom looks much better!


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