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17 02 2012

I owe you all a bit of a mea culpa – it wasn’t that I forgot to post after Monday. It’s just that I was having a rather stressful (read: having trouble breathing because I was so stressed out) week, and I couldn’t bring myself to focus on the more enjoyable things in life, like blogging here.

But here I am tonight, with some of my pins from this week. Before I share those though, I wanted to mention a few things that made me happy this week around the house:

  • Scented drawer liners: I know I mentioned that I was doing some de-cluttering (and I’m definitely working on it – went through my shoes earlier tonight!) and as I was de-cluttering some of my drawers, I found a box of drawer liners that I was saving. They’re Crabtree & Evelyn’s Nantucket Briar, and while I ordinarily do not go for such a flouncy scent, this one is just perfect for drawer liners.  I put one in my bedside table, so every night when I open it to get my journal and hand cream, I breathe in the smell and it makes me feel just a little bit peaceful.
  • Cleaning routine: In the last few months, I’d gotten far, far away from my cleaning routine.  So that meant I was either doing ALL the cleaning on the weekends, or the house was getting messier and messier until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  This week, I resolved to get back to my routine of doing one or two cleaning chores a night, and I stuck to it! So all I have left for this weekend is to take out the garbage, vacuum, and steam clean the floors downstairs. I feel like a lady of leisure!
  • Packing: I think this one made me the happiest. Normally, the few days before I leave for a trip are unbelievably hectic. I didn’t consciously realize this until last week, when I was a cleaning whirling dervish in anticipation of my friend’s visit, and all of my anxiety and running around-ness made Barney (the basset hound) convinced that we were going for a road trip to my parents’ house. I thought he was just excited for a walk, he thought I was going to put him in the car. So in an effort to not be a lunatic banshee (who, moi?), I thought I’d start my clothing plan/packing process very early – that’s right, I said clothing plan. Despite doing the international travel thing for the last seven and a half years, I have not gotten any more efficient at packing. I create a clothing plan that identifies exactly what I’m wearing for every single meeting, meal and event I have planned. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting dressed when I’m away, which is often helpful since sometimes, I have about five minutes to get dressed before dashing off somewhere else.  But it also stresses me out (and takes HOURS to do) because I have to try on outfits to see what works together, what fits, etc. I finished the clothing plan on Thursday night, and actually was able to get most of the clothes I’ll need packed and/or laundered. So there’s just a little bit more laundry to do and the packing of all my other bits and pieces (computer equipment and cords, camera and lenses, makeup, that kind of thing) and I’ll be ship shape!
  • Miscellaneous: And some non-home-related things that made me happy this week: Mindy Kaling’s book – it’s laugh out loud while you’re reading funny. I highly recommend it. Downton Abbey – don’t tell me what happens, I still have a couple of episodes to catch up on. Love me some cousin Matthew! Camp Bow Wow – Ollie went there twice this week, and it helped me be more efficient. Twice next week too, for him and Barney. Episodes of Ellen – it was the best idea I’ve ever had to start DVRing her talk show so I could watch it again – she makes me laugh, reminds me I can dance for no reason (which I’ve started to do while cleaning), and always gives back to people on her show who need help, which puts my life into perspective.

Now, on to the pins!


Advice I needed to tell myself every day this week.


My sister has said she doesn’t get the obsession with chevrons. I like them, though I don’t have any in my home. I think if you like chevrons, but aren’t sure where to start with bringing them into your home, a pillow is a good place!


Another quote I need to tattoo on my forehead.


Daniel. A good one.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


Umm, do these not look divine? Sea salt caramels wrapped around marshmallows?!? Sign me up….


I love this picture – it is so Barney’s dream life.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


I can’t believe I’ve never seen this idea before – I absolutely love the idea of hanging a ladder from the ceiling that you can hang clothes on. I’m trying to figure out how it would work in my tiny bathroom/laundry room.


Another in the good ideas department – if you’re painting something, like the letter above, put push pins into the back of it, so that the paint doesn’t dry to the surface your painting it on.


A Daniel bonus. From Casino Royale.


Don’t you just adore this cabinet?


Yup, needs to be on my mirror.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


Do people really not know who Paul McCartney is? I was a little more than horrified by this….


I’m not sure I’m ever brave enough to go black on the walls, but isn’t this room fabulous?


Since I first saw them on HGTV, I am obsessed with the idea of using barn doors in the house like this. I would love to replace my yucky closet doors with something like this!


This just makes me laugh. Every time.


Another good one.


What a beautiful door!


This cracks me up, particularly since we had an amazing a capella group in college who would sing that song.


What a darling shower curtain.  As my friend Maura would say “put a bird on it!”

This week on Pinterest

29 01 2012

Well, I spent most of the day painting the bathroom.

But you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see the before and after. I’m plum tuckered out, it needs a bit of time to dry, and photos always look better with daylight, even if there’s no natural light in that bathroom!

Instead, I’ll share some of my favorite pins from this week!


Isn’t this laundry room just divine? I particularly love the brick.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


And of course, another divine thing, Mr. Daniel Craig!


I’ve made a couple of these this week – simple and pretty, and hopefully soon to appear in my Etsy shop!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


What a kitchen! Although I’m sure I’d get annoyed with the ladder being in the way after a while!


Love, love, love this! And it’s something I could eventually do myself!


Doesn’t everyone want a little secret garden in their backyard?

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


I just laughed out loud at this one. It’s so, so true!


These shoes…fabulous.


How cute is this little guy??


My mom pinned this earlier this week. I love it. She said it reminds her of one of my favorite quotes – “Be alert, the world needs more lerts.”


An elephant night light? Yes please!


Yes, I pinned my new hutch. I couldn’t resist.


Although I don’t love all white rooms, I do LOVE this tub!


Here’s a shot of my pup from yesterday – I stuck it over on my photography blog.


I feel like I might need this, since I still pack like I’m going to be away for years.


You definitely have to click through to get the whole story on this one. I cried reading it – it’s so beautiful, and what a brave little boy.

This Week on Pinterest

21 01 2012

As always, I’ve been pinning away…although tonight, I was actually working on doing some of the crafty projects I’ve found on Pinterest (hence, the lateness of this post).

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite things from this week:

I love a good accent wall:



I love the idea of using a paint stripe and hooks like this!


This was tonight’s dinner – will recap that tomorrow!


This picture cracks me up every time. If you have basset hounds, you know this is what they look like when they’re running!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


I should frame this for my house.


This made me tear up – till they all come home.


Daniel – gotta have a Daniel photo.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest


Isn’t this fabulous?


How sweet is this guy’s face?!?


I love this idea – a DIY I could do!


I should have pinned this a long time ago – I’ve been crocheting this cowl since before Christmas, and while it’s a bit of a pain to do, it’s so beautiful!

And finally, my new love – the show Sherlock from BBC! I’ve already seen all of series 2 online, and I can’t believe there are only three episodes per series!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

This Week on Pinterest

14 01 2012

Whew, just sneaking in my post under the wire for today! I’ve been busy tonight putting away my Christmas decorations and cleaning up after my tree (I know, I know, but it’s down now!), and then scanning and organizing my paperwork!

But here we are, at the end of another week, so I’m sharing some of my pins from this week!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I just love the look on this little guy’s face!

This is my all-time favorite quote.

I love the blue here

I just got this very tattoo on the inside of my wrist on New Years Eve.

My crock pot should be arriving next week (I used an Amazon gift card). Can’t wait!

I’m so going to try to make this oversize clutch this weekend!

Doesn’t this look delicious? Gotta try it.

My goal for 2012.

Daniel with Rooney Mara. Don’t you just want to be her?

My parents got me a panini maker for my birthday, so I’m pinning ideas of paninis to try!

So what are you all pinning this week, if you’re using Pinterest?


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