Installing New Door Hinges

1 02 2011

As you know, I’ve been working on painting the doors in my upstairs hallway.  And it’s taking probably three times as long as I expected it too, in part, because each of the doors requires a primer coat, and then three coats of paint.

But despite mentioning on Facebook the other night that I should really only do home projects on Saturday, so my exhausted self has a day to recuperate before going to work, I’ve actually been working on painting and changing hardware every night.

Call me obsessive driven.

Part of this updating process has involved changing over the door hardware, both the door knobs and the hinges.

After identifying that my doors needed the hinges with a 5/8″ rounded edge, I picked up a few packets of these at Lowes.

In installing them, I took the advice of the Lowes employee I’d spoken to last week, and only changed out one hinge at a time – this made it fairly easy.

The hinge "before" - you'll notice I wasn't overly careful when painting, since I knew I'd be replacing these

The first thing I did was to remove the six screws holding it in place.  In some cases, the hinge would pop off as I was working on it, but in others, it was sort of sealed to the door with paint, so I had to pull it off (gently, of course).

Next, I fitted in the new hinge, and attached it to both sides with a middle screw first, to make sure it all lined up correctly.

Slightly out of focus for the part I wanted to show you, but you get the idea

Next, I attached the remaining screws. I found they went in easily towards the beginning, but as I got close to having them all the way in, it was a bit tougher – this is because the new screws are slightly longer.  I’m happy about this, because I feel like it makes the hinge a bit more secure.

All done!

What a difference!

The new hinges are a little thing, but they make such a huge difference.  Doing them one at a time made the process very simple and easy, so I’m able to put them on after I let the door I’m working on dry for a little while. It will be really nice when it’s all finished!


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