Garden Miscellany

13 07 2011

I haven’t just been doing big projects in the garden…I’ve also been doing little ones, all in line with the garden plan, though I’ve tweaked it a bit in some spots.

  • I planted two hydrangeas in the pots on either side of my deck – I was going to put in gerberas again, but my mom pointed out that they’re not perennials, which would be easier.  I LOVE hydrangeas, so when she suggested those, I thought it was an excellent idea.

    Blooming, lovely

    Then, not so lovely after three weeks away. They need more water than they were getting!

  • I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of stones I wanted to use for a path around the garden – to and under the bench and similarly over in the other corner (a part I’m constantly reworking because I’m not sure what permits/permissions I might need).  I haven’t seen any stone I like, but I LOVE these recycled tire panels – I think they’re supposed to be used on top of decking, but I brought three home to try and really love them.  Even my pup likes to lay down on them.

  • I picked up a new hummingbird feeder – the old one had lost one of its feeder pieces, so any time I put hummingbird sugar water in there, it would just drip out until it was all gone.  And a lot of it was landing on Barney’s head, since he was standing underneath it, licking sugar water off the grass.  So a new feeder did the trick!

  • I have been looking EVERYWHERE for solar deck post lights and finally found a few I like.  They were fairly easy to install and work great.  I also added some decorative solar lights around the garden beds to light the yard up a bit better. I’ve still got to bite the bullet and have the electrician over to install the two motion sensor lights I have.

    These are at the top of the deck posts on either side of the steps


    And these are actually on the sides of the step to light it up directly

    You can see the new solar lights in between the plants

  • I replaced my umbrella – I loved the umbrella I bought last year, but I can be forgetful when I’m stressed out, as I normally am before traveling, so I forgot to close it up before leaving my house for a week.  There was a massive windstorm, which not only blew the umbrella over, but it broke the wooden pole badly enough that it couldn’t be salvaged.  I was really just lucky it didn’t break a nearby window.  It was much cheaper to replace the umbrella, and I did so with another red one, but this was a cheaper metal one.

  • I’m a sucker for windchimes, and although they’re not on the garden plan, I did pick up a couple of cute ones last week for the backyard.  I have metal and wooden windchimes in the front, which I can hear if the door is open, or if it’s very windy, but it’s nice to hear the soft tinkle (especially when it’s so darn windy all the time) while I’m sitting in the backyard.

So it’s starting to be really nice out in my garden (minus the bugs) and I’m actually enjoying spending time out there!


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