Still Cold and Going Dark Tomorrow

17 01 2012

So, no furnace.

I waited for what felt like forever for the furnace guy to call me at 3pm today and tell me that the part won’t be in until tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.  Good thing it was mild here today, because being in the house was manageable. I set up the space heater last night in my room, and kept it running in there while I worked from my laptop on the bed. It was almost toasty.

To my delight (this is sarcasm), I woke up with symptoms of a head cold this morning – I feel that there is NO connection to the heating situation, only the wacky weather we’ve been experiencing. It was 5 degrees the other night, and tonight? It’s 54 at 10:30.  That’s ridiculous.

So I picked up some delicious chicken noodle soup at Shoprite – they make it fresh for their soup bar, did you know that? It is SO darn good. I got extra so I can have some tomorrow too – snuggled myself in my fleece pants after dinner, and have been whiling away the hours on my computer, finishing up some work and blogging.  When you work from your bed with your laptop, it’s kinda hard to shut down!

Which brings me to tomorrow.  You may or may not know about SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act.  Well tomorrow, a number of pretty big companies will be going web-dark to protest this bill, and I’ll be joining them.  I blogged about it over here on, where I’m an honorary Canadian. So no post from me tomorrow…and get yer googling done tonight, because they will be dark too.  WordPress is also in on the fun, so I won’t be able to blog from here anyway.

But, I am hoping that tomorrow brings the piece to my hutch that I’m STILL lacking.  Not that it’s warm enough in the kitchen to work in there on it (there’s a 6 degree difference between the house and outside. No, really.) but I can’t WAIT to be done and start using the hutch! It would also be nice if the furnace could be fixed tomorrow. 48 hours of cold is doable, but I’m not sure if I’m up for 72.

In other homeownerly news, after the furnace debacle last night, the closet door in my bedroom also came clean off the hinges as I tried to open it. Really, never a dull moment around here.  I guess it’s telling me to get my butt in gear and paint in there.  As soon as I feel a bit better…


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