Home Projects Never End

23 04 2010

Over the last month or so, I’ve done a LOT around the house and yard. I keep thinking I’ll be finished one day, but every time I finish something, I see another project to add to the list.  So what’s got to happen this year?

Well, for starters, the winter moisture and lack of sun on some parts of my house means mildew on the walls of the house. Yuck. So I’m going to be borrowing my dad’s power washer (and learning how to use it) to take care of that.

Oh mildew

Oh mildew

Also, my deck seems to have never been properly cared for before I moved in, so I’ll also be powerwashing that, and then staining and sealing it.

The deck needs some help

I’ve actually replaced this umbrella since this photo was taken with a nice, bright red one. I’m slowly getting rid of anything my creepy neighbor has given me in favor of new stuff.

I’ll also need to cut back the big bush next to my house – my neighbor has offered to do this for me, if I hold the ladder. I’m not shy about doing that type of work myself, but I am terribly afraid of heights, so I think it might be a good solution. 

Inside, I still want to replace my bathroom’s light fixture (which I’ll need assistance with), hopefully get a new bench/shelf combo for the entryway, and maybe replace the ceiling fan in my bedroom.  I’ll also be re-sealing the windows downstairs with something white (caulk, whatever, I’m going to talk to the hardware store guys to find out what to use), because the previous owner used some type of black sealant, which just makes the windows look moldy. 

And I need to undertake painting every door upstairs (there’s 13 including all closet doors and bedroom/bathroom doors) as well as all the trim. If I start now, I might be done by 2020.


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